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Happy Almost Spring!!

As I listen to the Dove outside my window and the song of other morning birds, I find myself looking forward to the warmer days. Here in Idaho, mother nature has a sense of humor. She provides us with a week or so of warm weather (60s) and then pulls the proverbial rug out by having it snow and stay in the 30s for the next 2 weeks.

But, even still, I start to awaken from my 'hibernation' and start feeling the energy to start on new projects, create new treasures and start my little seedlings.

The Spring Equinox will be here before I know it and Beltane is fast approaching, every thing is preparing to awaken and bless the earth with new growth and opportunities. And I am looking forward to them.

I did a lot of internal work this 'hibernation' although I confess, I wasn't as aware of it as it was happening. But this Crone made some checks on her list of life lessons.

  1. Nothing great happens if you are binging tv...unless of course its The Witcher :)

  2. Your to do list won't get done if you are playing your phone/computer game. (It's so addicting though, I had to delete my game and I was up at level 4500! )

  3. Excitement energy for your goals comes from within and can be boosted with great loud music.

  4. Wear make up and perfume even if you aren't going anywhere, its for you, enjoy it.

  5. It is ok to wear your ultra comfy Winnie the Pooh or Stitch and Lilo leggings all day- Bonus - they have pockets!

  6. Do not be afraid of big bold color in your home space, pick a wall or two and go for it! You'll love the energy you get from it.

  7. Sit with a cup of tea or coffee and do some planning in your planner and use the stickers, they're so much fun and believe it or not, they bring an energy all their own.

  8. Make a real vision board. Blue Sky your dreams meaning, don't hold back or talk yourself out of what you want..paste that castle on the board baby! Visual ques are a great way to keep your energy focused on your goals. Affirmations are cool but I like pictures.

  9. Buy yourself some flowers, you deserve it and you'll feel nice when you see them.

  10. Pray daily to be a better person today than you were yesterday and give thanks for all your blessings; known and unknown.

Happy Almost Spring everyone! Oh, and shout out to the unknown artist for the cartoon giggle. It made me laugh, so I thought I'd share.

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