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The Magician - What does he know?

He knows just about everything having to do with the elements. He knows how to manipulate them all by his will. Earth, Air, Fire and Water. According to Tarot Wisdom by Rachel Pollack, The Magician is consciousness, strength of willpower and has the ability to create using all that he knows. He shows us through the magic of transformation all that is possible.

So what are we working with? Earth - Material wealth & gain. Air - the mind & intellect. Fire - the creative energy and Water the emotions of it all. How can we utilize these as the magician does? It's similar to playing dominoes. Tip one and they all start to fall over.

Imagine if you will, deciding with all the love and energy in your heart, to make the next year one of your best yet. Close your eyes. Think of your happiest memory. Got it? Now let that happy feeling infuse your entire heart..let it really swell up with that happy memory. Then decide that your next year will make you feel just like that and PUSH it out into the universe!! The Water domino has been tipped.

Next the Fire Domino springs to life and the amazing "how are we gonna do this?" willpower springs to mind. No worries, Fire is creative, its the 'we can do anything with the right energy and tools' energy. Let the "how" sizzle in your mind.

Air has been activated by Fire. This is the mind and intellect and it's where all our limiting beliefs, assumptions, interpretations and fears like to hang out. It is a tough little domino. And they will try to put a roadblock up. This is where Fire which is fed by Air can really help out. Get creative about finding ways to remove these blocks. Insert Coaching opportunity here :)

If you can get that domino to fall, well my friend, you have done it. You are a Magician. Earth energy will rain down upon you in direct correlation to the amount of fire energy you created.

The ability to manifest the Magician is an amazing accomplishment. Sometimes the target of our desires is easy to manifest, other times we just can't seem to get out of our own way. But if there is a will (fire) there is a way (air).

Life Coaching is an amazing tool to help you fan the fire using your own air to get the earth to flow abundantly and live at your best and highest potential. Give yourself the gift of magick and be a Magician.

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