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What is your Wish?

It's a New Year and it is full of promise. Every year we make resolutions for ourselves. Some we see through to the end and others fall away. Why does that happen?

The amount energy that you show up with working toward that resolution has a direct correlation to how successful you will be. Sometimes, we get blocked, or our attention is called elsewhere and we get off track and sometimes never make it back to our goal. This can happen to anyone. So what is the magic that gets you past the block or brings you back to goal? Your energy. Your energy, your desire and your willingness to invest in yourself to make that goal a reality.

What does that look like. Well, its different for everyone. There are those that take the slow and steady path and are able to stay focused for the long game. Then there are those who want things done within a timeframe. And then there are those that just aren't sure how to go about reaching the goal. What's the one thing they all have in common? Everyone of these people are likely to be more successful if they have a coach.

A coach can help you learn the about the different levels of energy that you are in on a good day as well as a bad day. Are you someone who always looks for opportunity? Are you someone who finds themselves taking care of the people in your life and now want to take care of yourself? Are you someone who gets angry or worries if things don't go just right. All of these are part of the 7 levels of energy we all utilize on a daily basis. We all use a different mix of the energies as we live our lives.

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Test and the Energy Self Perception Chart are IPEC proprietary exclusives proven to measure your abilities and energy levels to help you address or modify changes you would like to make to help you reach your goals. Your Wish can come true and we can help you make it happen. Make this YOUR year to TRANSFORM, schedule your ELI and debriefing session today and make tomorrow amazing.

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