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FAQ - Coaching

Hi!  If you are here, you have some questions.  Hopefully I have answered them below, if not, please send me a note!

What Coaching is Not

Coaching is not about me giving you answers. I will not tell you what is right or wrong and I do not make judgements.  I won’t tell you to believe in something, to quit your job, or to leave your significant other.  I will not give you answers, and please understand, it is not therapy.

What Coaching Is?  

Coaching is asking you some very thought provoking, empowering questions. Not all answers are immediate and further questions may open up an awareness that you didn't know about.   Coaching provides accountability by holding you to the timelines you set to do any one deliverable.  Coaching is having your own sounding board to help you work through blocks and limiting thoughts to get to the aha! moment.  Coaching is having someone available to help you from start to finish and all the messy bits in between. 


What Can Coaching Do?

Coaching opens up an awareness of self.  You will discover hidden blocks of assumptions, limiting beliefs, fears and perceptions and we will change them so that they no longer hinder your thoughts and actions.    Coaching has amazing tools to help you realize the goal you set for each session.  Nothing can jazz you up faster than accomplishing a goal you set for yourself.  You find yourself giving yourself new goals and using some of the tricks and tips you learned in coaching to succeed.  And if you find yourself facing a block, we are here to step in to help.  

What Sessions or Packages do you offer?

Before any sessions take place, we will have an introductory discovery call to see if we are a good fit for each other.  It is a time where I can explain more of what I do, how I do it and to hear what it is you are looking for and and answer any questions you may have.

We offer

  • a 1:1  3 month coaching program that provides 9 sessions at your convenience via phone or zoom. 

  • ad hoc or 1 off sessions for established clients who have already successfully completed the 3 month coaching program.

  • group coaching 

  • focus classes 

  • Positively Magickal FB chat group for those quick questions.  We have some great people able to guide you in a pinch.

 Let's set up some time to chat

Still not sure Coaching is for you? 

Let's set some time to chat.  It will give you opportunity to hear more about what I do and ask questions.  I think you will find that I am a loyal, fun, supportive and empathic cheerleader who can truly understand what you are going through.  I became a coach when my nest became empty and my husband wanted to become a professional driver.  It left me with a lot of time and I wanted to help make the world a better place by helping other folks going through some life changes/adjustments get to their happy place. 

After we talk and should we decide to work together, you will receive a coaching agreement, a homework packet, and other PM goodies journal by mail.  The journal will help you see all the progress and goals you have made on our journey together.  The homework packet is electronic and needs to be returned before we can start our work together.  Expect to work together weekly for about 9 sessions.  You will be able to break this up over 3 months as your schedule permits.   Rome wasn't built in a day and discovering how magnificent you really are is much more intricate, so trust the process and buckle up.  This is a fantastically wild ride!


Would you like to know more?  Do you have questions?  We provide a free discovery call before accepting new clients to make sure we are a good fit.  If we aren’t we know a lot of great coaches who might be. Book your first session today and start looking forward to an amazing tomorrow.

"believe in your heart that you're meant to live a life full of passion, purpose, magic and miracles"   

- Roy Bennett

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