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FAQ - Coaching

Hi!  My name is Lisa Demczuk and I am a Consciousness Life Coach, a Reiki Master/Teacher,  Pranic Healer, and an Empath. I started on my journey to self discovery long ago and am always amazed about how much more I can become. I work with people looking for their purpose, to re-connect with themselves and those around them, and to help them to discover and understand what it is their soul is trying to telling them.  People often feel that 'something'  just isn't quite right. It is my honor to help discover what that 'something' is and how you can transform into a whole new amazing you. 

What Spiritual Coaching is Not

Spiritual Coaching is not about religion or dogma. While we honor all faiths and traditions it is not part of Spiritual Coaching. I will not tell you what is right or wrong and I do not make judgements.  I won’t tell you to believe in something, to quit your job, or to leave your significant other.  I will not give you answers, and please understand, it is not therapy.

What Spiritual Coaching Is?  

This style of Coaching helps you discover what it is your soul is telling you.  It helps you discover your inner most purpose, and it allows you to resonate at a much higher energy level that attracts others also functioning at these levels.  Remember the adage: "Birds of a Feather Flock together".  Living according to your truest values, knowing your purpose will bring you all kinds of wonders that operate at the same level you do.  It brings in more energy to live your daily life, it brings in more fun, and it allows you to find happiness at the very core of your being.  


What Spiritual  Coaching can do for you

Discovering what song your soul is singing will in itself just be so amazing that you might find yourself singing from the rooftops . You will find yourself more consciously aware and awakened, and you’ll be able to fulfill your desires much easier without worrying about what others think. You’ll to commit to yourself and become who you were meant to be. A glowing beautiful spirit enjoying a truly amazing human experience.  You will find yourself more resilient and full of determination.  You’ll create short term and long-term goals and will look forward to being successful in them.  You will resonate and vibrate at a higher frequency.  This is a new wholly transformed version of yourself and while it does mean you will have to get rid of things that will no longer work for you, you won't mind. You will want to make room for new growth.   This new way of life is not a given, you will need to put energy into it and commit to yourself.  The amount of energy you dedicate is directly correlated to the benefits you will have.  I am here to help you work through it all, your personal partner and cheering squad all the way to success. 

 Let's set up some time to chat

If you are experiencing a bit of a block and are feeling a bit stuck and need to get past it, lets chat!  Are you feeling called to look a little deeper into your self or on an amazing spiritual journey of your own and not sure of what is real or not? Or are you experiencing FOMO on something just out of reach?   You may not even be sure what it is, you just know its there and its a roadblock in your life. Are you feeling disconnected and like you are on the outside looking in?  Does it seem like everyone around you has it all?  

These are all great questions.  Let's set some time to chat.  It will give you opportunity to hear more about what I do and ask questions.  I think you will find that I am a loyal, fun, supportive and empathic cheerleader who can truly understand what you are going through. 

After we talk and should we decide to work together, you will receive a coaching agreement, a homework packet, and a journal by mail.  The journal will help you see all the progress and goals you have made on our journey together.  The homework packet is electronic and needs to be returned before we can start our work together.  Expect to work together weekly for about 9 sessions.  You will be able to break this up over 3 months as your schedule permits.   Rome wasn't built in a day and discovering how magnificent you really are is much more intricate, so trust the process and buckle up.  This is a fantastically wild ride!


Would you like to know more?  Do you have questions?  We provide a free discovery call before accepting new clients to make sure we are a good fit.  If we aren’t we know a lot of great coaches who might be. Book your first session today and start looking forward to an amazing tomorrow.

"believe in your heart that you're meant to live a life full of passion, purpose, magic and miracles"   

- Roy Bennett

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