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Shoden (Usui Ryoho Reiki - Level 1)& Okuden Zenki (Level 2 Part 1)

This is an overview of Usui Reiki Ryoho, a beautiful energy that can heal anything. The first of three levels of instruction, the new student will learn how to detect energy, identify blockages (byosen) and grasp proper hand placements for self-healing. Each level will bring you additional methods to further the depth and quality of your Reiki experience.

The student will also be given a new perspective on the history of this energy, as well as all the basics needed to make it effective for yourself and others.

This Course Includes training on following topics:

Day 1

  • Reiki Defined

  • Your Reiki Lineage

  • Discussion of Reiki History

  • Discussion of Reiki Healing Principals         

  • Discussion of Chakra & Aura

Day 2

  • Gassho Meditation

  • Byosen Scanning

  • Hand Placements


Students will experience energy healing on themselves before and after attunement.

Reiki Attunement to Power Symbol.


Training Tools:

  • Reiki Level 1 & 2 manual by William Lee Rand

  • Journal

  • Foundations of Reiki Ryoho  A manual of Shoden & Okuden by Nicholas Pearson.

The student will be able to utilize Reiki for personal treatment and will receive a Level 1 Reiki Certificate at the conclusion of this course. This credential is necessary to advance to Level 2 as a Reiki Practitioner.

Reiki Shoden Symbol level 1.gif
Reiki hand.jpeg


Reiki Ryoho Okuden Kuki (Level 2 part 2)

In addition to equipping the practitioner with techniques for self-healing and assisting others, this course is part 2 of Okuden, which focuses on more self-help tools as well as those for friends and family. While many Reiki Master/Teachers offer a full set of levels 1 & 2 at once, we believe it's preferable for  the student to spend more time working with level 2 in order to become familiar with its energies before attempting additional skills.

Level 2 is the beginning of what many practice as "Medical Reiki" however in Japan it is called Ryoho, Medical Treatment using energy. It includes the ability to treat yourself and others in a variety of ways for relieving pain, increasing health and wellness, balancing the body's energies, etc.

What follows are explanations of the main points taught in this course. The student is given them with the understanding that each will find their way to their own best path for learning Reiki Ryoho at their own pace; what matters most is that they gain sufficient experience in using the Reiki Ryoho techniques they are taught in order to gain an understanding of what level 2 is meant to provide.


In this class the student can expect discussions on the following:

  • How to Explain Reiki to others I

  • Intentions & Consent

  • Hand Placements (students may be asked to have a volunteer arrive in the afternoon)

  • Beaming Reiki

  • Distance Healing

  • Frequency of Treatments

  • How to end a treatment & after care of the practitioner

  • Other uses of Reiki

Students will receive:

  • 2 Reiki Symbols

  • Distance Healing Grid

  • Quartz Crystal Point & 4 Rose Quartz Crystals

  • Level 2 Certification

At the conclusion of this class the student will be able to share Ryoho Reiki with friends and family.

The level 2 certificate is necessary to continue to Level 3 Master level.

Shinpiden (Master Practioner; Level 3)

This scientifically demonstrated energy healing modality, which has origins dating back hundreds of years, is presently utilized in hospitals, hospice facilities, and skilled nursing homes all across the United States and even the world. This course builds on this extremely effective healing method. You'll be ready to offer Reiki in a professional setting alongside physicians and other healthcare providers. The techniques taught in this course are applicable to all forms of energy work. As an Advanced Reiki Practitioner you will be able to open your own Reiki practice and see clients in a professional setting.

Shinpiden (Master Practitioner) course includes:

  • Official Reiki—The Healing Touch Manual for Advanced Practitioners by Wm Lee Rand

  • Guided Archangel Meditation

  • Basic Crystals for Reiki Healing Grid

  • Introduction and discussion of Master Symbol for Continuous Healing

  • Aura Clearing & Healing

  • Discussion of Aura and Chakras

  • Hippa, PHI & Malpractice Discussion

  • Attunement to the Master Healing Symbol

  • Please note: This is an interactive class, Students will be performing Reiki on volunteer clients.

  • Student will be expected to define Reiki to clients.

  • Document History & Physical information from client

  • Perform a focused healing on the client.


My Usui Reiki Lineage

Every Reiki practitioner should be able to trace their lineage back to Usui Sensei. When you learn Reiki your teacher's lineage becomes your own. This also ensures that the teaching and sharing being done is the same style and method true to Usui Sensei.

Mine is below.


Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Lineage of Reiki Masters


Master Mikao Usui

Dr. Chujiro Hayashi

Hawayo Takata

Phyllis Furomoto

Virginia Samdahl

Rev. Authur L. Robertson

Bill Costa

Susan Brown

Melanie Chong

Carolyn Pistey

Jackie Wilson

Skip Cowles

Paula Sharp

Jocelyne Lebowitz

Deb Veilleaus

Barbara Fasulo

Lisa Demczuk

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