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Throat Chakra 100% Soy Candles

Throat Chakra 100% Soy Candles

PriceFrom $9.99

Sel du Mer - Seas & Oceans with all its wonderous creatures like the Sirens who sang to lonely sailors.  The 5th Energy center  is our ability to communicate, the Throat chakra.   Help open and balance your 5th energy center which is important for verbalizing your thoughts in a clear, consise yet respectful way. 

Under utilized thanks to Social Media,  we need to be able to communicate effectively and with respect so as not to offend those who find fault in much.  Even if they aren't able to reciprocate.  Hey, get them a throat chakra candle too! :)

This airy and light scent will have you thinking of A salty ocean breeze with a hint of mystique. It's perfect for those looking to work on their communication ability, breathwork or just enjoy a beautiful  candle and dream of far off beachscapes as they meditate.  

  • Candle Burning Instructions

    Candles are Handpoured and may not be exactly even,  Contains Soy Wax, Dried Flowers, Herbs, Spices , Resins and Crystal Chips.

    Remove Large Flowers before burning.  Smaller petals, herbs, spices, resins and crystal chips do not need to be removed.  May smoke as Herbal Mixture, Resins & Spice burns away.

    Never Leave a Candle unattended.  Keep Away from Children

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