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Creative Energies  Bundle

Creative Energies Bundle


The Sacral Chakra is the I AM energy center.  Our power of self knowledge, creativity and sexual energy resides here.  When blocked or underactivated, we are unsure, self critical and feel as though life is pretty boring.  When overactivated, we can be flamboyant, loud, and promiscuous.  The secret to this chakra is balance.  This bundle was created with Reiki Healing Energies, A Specially crafted Sacral Chakra Candle,  A meditation crystal for the Sacral Chakra, A Bracelet (could be carnelian, red jasper or orange calcite) and 2 Reiki infused Chakra Tattoos as well as  a beautiful abalone shell, white sage wand. Each item was chosen to help you balance and heal your sacral chakra. Use the included instructions to perform a simple chakra healing meditation, or simply light the candle and let the flame work its magic as you meditate. 

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