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Sacral Chakra Candles 100% Soy Candles

Sacral Chakra Candles 100% Soy Candles

PriceFrom $9.99

We crafted this candle with soft amber, musk, lily of the valley and some saffron and named it Kazmere.  The result is a soft and sexy blend that blooms into something much more as it burns.  Perfect for our 2nd chakra which governs our I AM expressions of creation which can bloom into beautiful works of art and fertilizes growth.


It is a largely forgotten energy center that is often overshadowed by the stresses of Chakra 3 or just not getting enough energy from Chakra 1 it can appear shrunken and suppressed and can be a source of repressed feelings, confusion about who you are, or the ability to  express yourself through creative means.  When open and balanced, we feel a strong sense of self and are not afraid to express our feelings, thoughts and art.


Lovingly crafted when the moon was new and charged with a Reiki symbol for balance it will  help the creative juices to flow with new spirit.

  • Candle Burning Instructions

    Candles are Handpoured and may not be exactly even,  Contains Soy Wax, Dried Flowers, Herbs, Spices , Resins and Crystal Chips.

    Remove Large Flowers before burning.  Smaller petals, herbs, spices, resins and crystal chips do not need to be removed.  May smoke as Herbal Mixture, Resins & Spice burns away.

    Never Leave a Candle unattended.  Keep Away from Children

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