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Heart Chakra  100% Soy Candles

Heart Chakra 100% Soy Candles

PriceFrom $9.99

Rose Essential Oil.  What else could we possibly use for a candle working with the  Heart Chakra.  Crafted on a waxing moon to bring in the energies of self love and appreciation.  The Rose Petals sprinkled throughout this Reiki charged candle will help  remind you that self love is key for your wellbeing.  The scent is a beautiful bouquet of a Rose Garden in June and is a very clean scent.  Meditate and open your heart and find all your beauty within and then..share it with the world. 

  • Candle Burning Instructions

    Candles are Handpoured and may not be exactly even,  Contains Soy Wax, Dried Flowers, Herbs, Spices , Resins and Crystal Chips.

    Remove Large Flowers before burning.  Smaller petals, herbs, spices, resins and crystal chips do not need to be removed.  May smoke as Herbal Mixture, Resins & Spice burns away.

    Never Leave a Candle unattended.  Keep Away from Children

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