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Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth


The Crown Chakra is our connection to our spirituality.  Often depicted on Buddha and many other enlightened beings as spiky or very bumpy hair.  This is to represent the many petals of the Crown Chakra.  We designed our Crown Chakra Bundle to assist the seeker in reaching their goal for deeper spirituality.   This bundle includes:

  • Crown Chakra Candle imbued with Frankincense, Lotus Leaf, Calendula - all known herbs utilized in working with the crown chakra.
  • 2 Crown Chakra Temporary Tattoos.  These last approximately 5 days for each tattoo and are placed above the heart and below the neck on the back.  
  • Lapis Lazuli thumb stone.  Lapis has long been known to be the stone of the Gods.  It is prevalent in Egyptian relics and is one of the stones on the breast plates of Jewish holy men from long ago.  A stone info sheet is included.
  • Quartz & Fluorite bracelet with Lotus Charm - Quartz is an amplifier, Fluorite bring in new thoughts, this combination was created by us to help keep your vibrations flowing when not meditating.
  • Fragrant Sachet - Includes Frankincense, Calendula, Lotus Leaf and White Sage.  Can be used for scent or burned as incense.
  • Mini White Sage Wand and Abalone Shell - Smudge your sacred space and yourself to cleanse away any energies that may inhibit your meditation.


  • Candle Care

    Candle contains flowers, herbs, resin & spices.  Remove any Large flowers before burning.  Smaller herbs, flowers, resins and spices & stone chips are ok to leave but may smoke.   Burn Responsibly in a safe location.  Do not leave burning candles unattended.  Keep away from small children.  

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