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Crown Chakra 100% Soy Candles

Crown Chakra 100% Soy Candles

PriceFrom $9.99

Frankincense  & Myrrh are the resins used to create this candle.  Charged with the Reiki Symbol for Power to help clear and widen a path to our spirituality. Frankincense invokes the Sacred, Myrrh boosts the energies of any resin it is paired with to create a deeper connection to Spirit and heighten our awareness. 

The buddha is often pictured with 'spikey hair'.  The 'spikey hair' is actually a symbolization of the Buddha's  Crown Chakra connection to spirit energy, the universe and the peace of awareness & compassion.  

This Chakra is the gateway to the higher chakras not often spoke of as they are etheric and interdimensional.   Too much focus on our crown can lead to an unbalancing of the other 6 chakras (unless you are a monk or a buddha ;) )and make us flighty and forgetful of the muggle world responsibilities  so maintaining a healthy balance of all our chakras is important. 

Meditating with our super charged Crown Chakra candle will help you create your one  of a kind relationship with Source. 

  • Candle Burning Instructions

    Candles are Handpoured and may not be exactly even,  Contains Soy Wax, Dried Flowers, Herbs, Spices , Resins and Crystal Chips.

    Remove Large Flowers before burning.  Smaller petals, herbs, spices, resins and crystal chips do not need to be removed.  May smoke as Herbal Mixture, Resins & Spice burns away.

    Never Leave a Candle unattended.  Keep Away from Children

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