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Empath Survival Bundle

Empath Survival Bundle


For Empaths, the Heart Chakra is their eye to the world.  The heart often knows before the brain does.    This kit was specifically designed to bring relief to the empathic heart chakra by clearing away the energies it absorbs while healing/helping others.  This bundle includes:

  • Mini White Sage Stick & Abalone Shell - for clearing your sacred space and your own energies.
  • Heart Chakra Candle - created on a full moon for maximum energy, this candle contains rose quartz & clear quartz chips, lavender & rose petals.
  • 2 Heart Chakra Temporary Tattoos - each lasts for 5 days when applied.
  • Rose Quartz & White Quartz Bracelet with Tree of Life charm.
  • Pouch with Green Calcite  - stone information sheets included
  • Aromatic sachet with white sage, rose and lavender.  Can be used for scent or burned as incense.
  • Candle Care

    Candles contain herbs, resins, flowers, & spices and crystal chips.  Remove large flowers before burning.  Small bits of flowers, spices, resins, herbs and crystals are ok to leave.  May produce more smoke as candle burns.

    Burn Responsibly in a safe place on a heat safe surface.   Do not leave a burning candle unattended.   Keep away from children.

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