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Let Me See! Intuition Bundle

Let Me See! Intuition Bundle


The Ajna Third Eye Chakra is stimulated by the Mantra OM which vibrates our pineal gland.  This bundle was created to empower your Ajna Chakra to help open & focus your 3rd eye.

  This bundleincludes:

  • Mini White Sage stick and Abalone Shell
  • Aromatic Satchet that can be saved or burned (contains Lavender, wormwood and Frankincense resin)
  • 2 Ajna Temporary Tattoos (each lasts for 5 days)
  • Amethyst stone (small for easy holding during meditation)stone info sheet included
  • Amethyst and Flurorite Bracelet with OM symbol - keep the vibration going everywhere you go. (stone info sheets included)
  • Ajna Candle - Contains herbs, resins and spices specifically designed to help open your third eye.
  • Created at the full moon with Reiki Power Energy for maximum .


  • Candle

    Candle - Remove any large flowers - contains dried herbs and spices that may smoke due to flame, these are ok and do not need to be removed. Keep Away from Children.   Burn responsibly in a safe place and never leave a burning candle unattended. 

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