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Ajna - Third Eye 100% Soy Candles

Ajna - Third Eye 100% Soy Candles

PriceFrom $9.99

Patchouli.  Pure and Simple.  Used for meditative purposes for hundreds of years, patchouli is a heady scent that helps reawaken our perceptive abilities, balance our 6th energy center to clear out monkey mind and create a better connection with our higher self.   

Our 3rd eye is said to be our intuition, giving us the ability to 'know', to receive information from our higher self, spirit and our guides. 

This candle a beautiful  Amethyst to help awaken your third eye that you may meditate more deeply.  

  • Candle Burning Instructions

    Candles are Handpoured and may not be exactly even,  Contains Soy Wax, Dried Flowers, Herbs, Spices , Resins and Crystal Chips.

    Remove Large Flowers before burning.  Smaller petals, herbs, spices, resins and crystal chips do not need to be removed.  May smoke as Herbal Mixture, Resins & Spice burns away.

    Never Leave a Candle unattended.  Keep Away from Children

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