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The Conscious Tarot - The Fool

The very first card in the Major Arcana of Tarot (Tar-Oh) is the Fool. His number is zero and he represents us at the very beginning of our journey. Free Spirits with no known path. He has none of the fears that stop us from pursuing our dreams, he's completely willing to take that leap of faith. The Fool is happy-go-lucky, full of joy and ambition. He's ready to learn and experience the best that life has to offer. So how can we embody the Fool in our every day life?

The word 'fool' has a negative connotation in the English language. It means one without sense, one who is deficient in knowledge or understanding.

The Fool reminds us to be open to new possibilities. To step out of our comfort zones and take leaps of faith and to be joyous. Does that mean we go through life without plan? No. It means that life without a little risk and fear is not a life well lived.

Questions to ask ourselves:

When have I been the 'fool' in my life?

How can I look at life through the lens of the 'fool'?

Am I ready to add a little faith in myself to take a leap?

What is holding me back from taking that leap of faith?

I invite you to consider the 'Fool' not as a negative connotation we are all familiar with, but as a free spirit joyously ambling through life with an unshakable faith that everything turns out as it should. And to invite just a little 'Fool' into your life.

Lisa Demczuk/Positively Magickal/11.2021

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