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Creating Sacred Space

I am a long time energy addict and I can tell you that life feels 100% better when you are living in Sacred Space. Now, before we go all existential and discuss our place in our little universe, lets first get a little closer to home.

You Sacred Space is Your home. Where you can rejuvenate and be your most authentic self.

Feng Shui is a wonderful way to align your home to bring in energies beneficial to your life. It involves the bringing in the 5 elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Metal and placing them in certain areas in your home to bring in prosperity and health. "Feng Shui that makes sense" is a wonderful resource by Cathleen McCandless. This is a great read and really helps get your home on its way to being your Sacred Space.

If you would like to start smaller, I suggest starting in your bedroom. The bedroom is where you rest, relax and well other stuff. There are cheap and easy things you can do to make the space your happy escape when you just need some down time.

  1. Rose Quartz - Chunks of raw Rose quartz under your bed will enhance loving energies.

  2. Move the furniture around - those man mover discs make it easy. Head boards to the west are said to bring in peaceful dreams.

  3. Bed Linens. This is the one place where people tend to try to save money and its one of the most important aspects for your health. Do your best here. Your body heals when its at complete rest so make that bed something you can snuggle on into no matter what the season is.

  4. Diffusers are a safe and great way to bring in a soft and relaxing scent and help the body and mind relax.

  5. Window treatments can go a long way to giving your bedroom a whole new feel. Experiment with what works for you. Your local consignment shop is a great place to find inexpensive window treatments. A friend of mine once bought out all the decorative neck scarfs she could find. Sewed them together and created a stunning colorful window treatment. It gave her room a bohemian feel she was looking for. So don't be afraid to get creative.

Lastly, have fun with creating your Sacred Space, your energy is what makes it work. The walls will absorb your joy and radiate it back to you.

May your days and nights be blessed with joy, health and prosperity.

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