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“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”

― Thomas A. Edison

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Our Process

Every great project needs to have a process.  A series of steps and milestones and sometimes failure that shows that progress is being made.   Life Coaching is no different.   Your Goal even if you aren't sure what it is yet is your project.  The first part of the process is to see if I as your project manager am a good fit.  

To determine if we will be a great team we will schedule an introductory call.  This is a free call where you can tell me what it is you are trying to accomplish, or why you feel you need a coach at all.  You will get to ask me questions about my process and develop an understanding of what we can accomplish during of our time together.   The introductory call is about an hour.     Once we decide that we can accomplish great things together we will move to the next step. 

Next.  Homework.  

Prior to our first session, you will need to complete a packet of information (its all digital) which includes a contract between you and I and outlines the things we discussed in our introductory call.   When the data is returned, you will be provided a link to take an Energy Leadership Index test.  This is a way for us to learn how you deal with the world and challenges on good days, bad days and every day.  It is a truly eye opening experience and helps point to areas that may be of interest for growth opportunity.   This is a proprietary test performed by the Institute of Professional Excellence (IPEC). We will discuss the results prior to our first real working session.  Please take your time and be honest.  Do not answer the way you think you should answer.  Answer truthfully.  No one but you and I will see the results of the test so give it the attention you deserve.   The ELI results session is an amazing experience.  Somethings you will know already, but there is so much that you may not know that can help put things into perspective as we journey on toward your goal.    

Literature as to the science behind the testing is available, just ask and we will share the data.

Now the magic begins.  You have an idea, a goal, a star you are trying to reach.   I have a tool box full of amazing things that will guide you along your chosen path and a little shwag that will help you organize yourself so you can look back on this amazing journey.  We will meet for 9 sessions in a 3 month period.  Each session is a half hour to an hour depending on what you are looking to achieve in that session.  I will ask you thought provoking empowering questions to help you realize how to get to the next step in your journey to success.   It is a fantastic journey and I am there with you each step of the way.   


Are you ready to begin?  

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