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Hello !!

 My name is Lisa Demczuk and I am a Certified Professional Coach specializing in Transformational/Transitional  Life Coaching.  

I help people who are feeling lost in life, spiritually disconnected and without direction find the answer to " Is this all that there is?" 


While there are thousands of self-help books on the market that can help you get to know yourself better, they don’t always address how to apply this knowledge to your everyday life or provide accountability. And while therapy can be helpful, it’s not something everyone feels comfortable with. 

A  Life Coach helps you develop a deeper understanding of what makes you tick by exploring your values and helping you create goals aligned with those values so that when challenges arise in life, instead of reacting automatically based on past experiences and emotions, you act from a place of conscious choice.

This approach allows us to make decisions more effectively because we are acting from our true selves rather than being driven by fear or reactivity.


We find out that the answer to our question is "NO!" and we get excited about what could be. 

If this sounds like something you could use to Empower Your Journey, contact us and lets get acquainted!


Our service is completely via phone or Zoom, you don't even have to change out of your pajamas.  Take care of yourself first and everything else will follow as it should be.  Call today and schedule your complimentary coach call. 


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My Story

When I was younger I realized I was always drawn to Spirit. I have always felt that there was an amazing ‘something’ that was definitely present in my life and that I was never quite alone. It is a kind of ‘knowing clairsentience' and it often times provided a different kind of assistance to those around me.

I once met a young man who came to a group meditation I was facilitating. “Paul” stayed after the meditation for tea, and we began to chat. He shared that he was involved with a young lady and that while he felt he loved her, she was very demanding. He was feeling down, and his energy was very low.

Paul would come to multiple group meditations a week, finally, he just started to come to my office, and I would listen to him voice his desire to be happy. At this point I began asking him questions about what happiness meant to him. From there he began to become aware that his happy was completely different from the life he was currently living. He decided to travel and learn whatever lessons Spirit had for him. On the last day I saw Paul, he left my office a totally different being. I still hear from him via Facebook, and I can tell you that he did find his happy. It took him about 5 years of traveling and learning and he found himself in a totally different country and is now married to a wonderful person doing what he loves.

People have always found their way to me when the winds of change were upon them in their spiritual or life journey. Healing doesn’t always have to mean a broken bone. So much of our deepest healing begins deep inside, where the soul lives. This type of healing is murky, there is no medical textbook for your soul. I help those who are seeking enlightenment, purpose, or maybe simply to find the radiant joy of the sunset again. Religion offers us many answers, but what if it doesn’t answer the questions, “why am I here?” “How do I want to show up for this life?” “How do I integrate my truth and my faith into this journey called life?”

A coach doesn’t have the answers, you do. A spiritual life coach is simply an enlightened tour guide of your own mind, views, beliefs- allowing you to examine them, maybe for the first time, and decide what you want to keep and what is ready for release. A spiritual coach simply helps you find your way back to the magnificent being who has always lived inside of you.


Lets work together to discover that magnificent being inside of you!   Let's connect.