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Positively Magical Life Coaching

Hi there, my name is Lisa  and I am a Certified Professional Coach specializing in Transformational/Transitional  Life Coaching.  


I help people who are feeling a bit lost, disconnected and looking for a new direction.  Sometimes Life throws a curve ball that knocks us for a loop and we just don't know what to do next. Are you wondering what you can do after the nest is empty? Have you retired and still want to do something other than feel put out to pasture?   Are  you wanting to reinvent yourself due to loss either by death or divorce? Are things just fine the way they are but perhaps your bored with your life routine.  Or have you tried to do better for yourself but keep hitting a road block.   If you have answered "YES!" to any of these questions, you are in the right place my friend.

As a Life Coach I help people develop a deeper understanding of who they are and where they want to be by exploring their values, how they react to every day life, and how they manage challenges.   As your Life Coach, I will help you discover your amazing thoughts and ideas you aren't aware that you have.  You'll enjoy aha! moments that help you move to the next step whatever that may be.   

Lets do a visualization  for a moment.  Close your eyes.   Take a deep breath in and let it out.  Now, think of the answer to this next very important question.  If you went to bed tonight and woke up tomorrow in your perfect life, what would be different?   More money?  A better job?  Your own business?   The answer is different for all of us.  If we choose to do nothing, then nothing  will happen.   To do something, now that takes courage, a willingness to step outside your comfort zone and a willingness to bring your highest level of energy to the table to make whatever your goal is happen. 

As your Life Coach we will discuss what it is you are looking to achieve in each of our sessions.  How important that goal is to you and what has happened so far in trying to achieve it.    You may not have a goal yet, perhaps you just know you want a change.  At the end of each session you will have discovered a measure of success for the goal you set at the beginning of the session.  If you have given yourself a to do list, I will hold you accountable to have it completed in the timeframe you set to have it completed in.   That's always an amazing feeling.  The feeling of having accomplished something, putting a check on the 'to do' list.


I would love to say anything is possible, and for the most part it is, but you are the deciding factor.  All you need is your energy, drive, ambition, and maybe a willingness to step outside your comfort zone.  You won't be alone, as your Life Coach, I am your number one cheerleader whooping it up all the way to the finish line.    Together we will start on a new path and we will finish it together.

Life is and can be an amazing experience, change is not bad, it is only another opportunity to Empower Your Journey!  


My service is completely via phone or Zoom, you don't even have to change out of your pajamas.   Booking is online and set to your schedule.

Take charge of your tomorrow and click the link today to schedule your complimentary call.   


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Lets work together to discover that magnificent being inside of you!   Let's connect.


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