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My Path to Self Discovery

Everyone reaches a stage in their life where they wonder silently to themselves (mostly) if "this" is all that life is.  Marriage, kids career, bills, etc.  you know the list.   Life is actually going pretty well.  Marriage is good,  kids are doing pretty decent and the bills are all paid with a little left over for some fun.  There is nothing wrong with the way things are going, but yet there is.   


Let me tell you my story and perhaps it might just resonate.  So grab a cup of your favorite beverage and have a little sit and read on.

When I turned 35, I think I had the female version of a midlife crisis.  I even got myself a brand new black mustang GT with red leather interior.  She was/is sweeeeet.  I still have her.  But, she didn't solve my inner issue, although we did get around much quicker after she came into my life.  But I was definitely missing something.  I tried to figure it out, I went to therapy but that seemed to be looking for things that were wrong, and nothing really was.  I was looking at a life where my family was becoming less dependent and I thought now what?  Is this really all that there is?   This went on for quite a few years as life does.  As more time passed, the feeling just never went away.  

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Finally the day came where I looked around and the house was clean and the kids had moved out and on with their lives.  I was not a happy camper.  What does a Mom do when she doesn't Mom anymore?

My husband has supported me in all my hippiness and still does to this day. We are and have been happily married for over 30 years , but I am not his reason for being and its not up to him to give me purpose.    In my search for purpose over the years I had become a Reiki Master Teacher, a Pranic Healer and still I wasn't complete.  What the heck was I chasing?  Dozens of self help books later, the kids now married and having kids of their own I still wasn't where I wanted to be from a purpose perspective and boy I was really hoping there was something out there for me. 

Enter iPEC Coaching school.  Here was a program using energy as its source for helping the world become a better place. Basically the message was, if you want it, and have the energy to push for it, we will help you get to it.   As I participated in their intense coaching program I came to realize that they were changing me.  I was being made to re-discover who I was with each exercise, peer coaching, being peer coached etc. It was an amazing experience and I've probably never been more in tune with myself as I am right now. They helped me to rebuild myself.  I wanted to jump right in and get started!  My energy was a hot 10! Let's Go!  But, who do I help?  Who do I coach?  


I stumbled around this issue for a while too, listening to other coaches talk about who they coached and why and I felt completely disconnected from them.  I knew I was in the right field but I didn't know where I was going.   Many meditations, quite a few books later  and a great coach of my own has helped me understand that I am a Life Coach.  I help those looking to find their way  after their nests have emptied, they have retired, loved and lost,  or  just want a change.  People who have weathered LIFE and now have the energy and drive to make it their own on their terms, they just don't know how.   That is it.   This is my purpose and it feels absolutely right.  I felt an audible click in my soul when it realized it and now  I am honored to be able to say that I am coaching others down the path of discovery.  Every person I meet teaches me more and more about life.  It truly is an amazing experiential thing.   

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