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                            Everyone reaches a stage in their life where they wonder silently to themselves (mostly) if "this" is all that life is.  Marriage, kids career, bills, etc.  you know the list.   Life is actually going pretty well.  Marriage is good,  kids are doing pretty decent and the bills are all paid with a little left over for some fun.  There is nothing wrong with the way things are going, but yet there is.   


Let me tell you a story that might just resonate and maybe a  little dejavu.  So grab a cup of your favorite beverage and have a little sit and read on.

When I turned 35, I think I had the female version of a midlife crisis.  I even got myself a brandy new black mustang GT with red leather interior.  She was/is sweeeeet.  I still have her.  But, she didn't solve my inner issue, although we did get around much quicker after she came into my life.  But I was definitely missing something.  I tried to figure it out, I went to therapy but that seemed to be looking for things that were wrong, and nothing really was.  I was looking at a life where my family was becoming less dependent and I thought now what?  Is this really all that there is?  

Being raised Catholic I thought that perhaps a return to the church would be just what I needed.  A little sense of belonging to something bigger than myself, something that would help me define my purpose beyond that of daughter, wife, mother, friend etc.  At first getting involved in the church did provide that sense, but it wasn't quite the fix I was craving.   I had no idea who I was and somehow all the gospels in the world were not answering my question, what is my purpose?

To be perfectly honest, I don't know how I discovered energy healing. I was just going about my day, doing what I do.  My teacher was amazing and opened up a whole new interest in healing.  I was hooked!  What is this tingly stuff I feel in my hands and it will do what??

As I learned to provide healing to others, I became even more addicted.  It felt so right and while it was still considered a fringe hippy trippy kind of thing, those that allowed the healing were amazed. I once worked with a woman with very misshapen hands due to Rheumatoid Arthritis.  At the end of 3 months her hands were perfectly straight and no longer stiff.  Wow.  To be a part of that is humbling.  

 I blazed through right up to Master Teacher and was ecstatic to share my knowledge with other new healers.  It felt amazing, and I thought that maybe this was my purpose.  To serve be an energy healer and serve humanity.   

I was right sort of.  I wasn't quite there yet.  I spent a few  (many) years exploring consciousness, expanding my knowledge and absorbing every thing i could get my hands on about being higher minded.  I meditated...a LOT.  For those of us who are ADHD you know what a feat this is.  But I learned and meditated every chance I got.  Overtime, I noticed my intuition was becoming more focused.  I could feel the pain in others. Not just figuratively, but physically.   I was 'knowing' 'hearing' and sometimes smelling my higher consciousness and she was quite vocal and sometimes smelled like cigars?.  I was a healer alright, and I was definitely here to serve others too, but the modality that I was using needed to be more.  I had to reach others in need of healing outside the realms of energy work while still working with energy.   


Enter iPEC Coaching school.  As I participated in their coaching program I came to realize that they were transforming me.  I was being made to discover who I was with each exercise, peer coaching, being peer coached etc. It was an amazing experience and I've probably never been more in tune with myself as I am right now.  What I didn't know was how it would integrate into being able to use it for healing. 


I stumbled around listening to other coaches talk about who they coached and why and felt disconnected from them.  Many meditations, quite a few books later  and a great coach of my own has helped me understand that I am a Consciousness Life Coach. This is my purpose and it feels absolutely right.  I felt an audible click in my soul when it realized it and now  I am honored to be able to say that I am coaching others down the path of discovery.  Every person I meet teaches me more and more about life.  It truly is an amazing experiential thing.    If you'd like to find your own amazing path, just reach out for a chat.  

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